About Mouhanad

I’m not a Designer as an official occupation just yet. I’m a technical software seller. For me UI design and functional apps are a hobby, filling up my weekends and free time.

Welcome to my tiny corner on the internet. I am a software pre-sales at Gulf Business Machines. I also, have enthusiasm to build and design, so I sometimes take on some projects every now and then. I work with small businesses and entrepreneurs to on their web frontier brand and sites. I’m currently working based in Dubai. When I’m not at work, nor pushing code out to the world, I can be found trying a new pizza place or enjoying a cup of coffee.


I’ve put together this website to land a job. It’s no secret. I wanted to join IBM Design Studios, that is part if IBM’s Interactive Experience (ix) efforts. I was asked to provide a portfolio, and realized.. "Oh.. I don’t have one!" At least not an up to date one where I can showcase the new skills and results I have gained during the last few years. Technology is shifting fast, too fast. Nowadays designers/developers have a variety of tools and platforms. My favorite development platform is IBM Bluemix, and my toolbox keeps changing depending on the project. For as much as I enjoy the result, I just love the journey itself.

Site Details

I have put this website together overnight. Sure I will keep maintaining its code and content. The site is responsive, supercharged with Jekyll, SASS, and by Gridset. Without Gulp’s glue and browser-sync, I wouldn't have finished it so quickly.

Typefaces are Bookmania and Proxima Nova Alt, both beautifully crafted by Mark Simonson. Engine and hosting by IBM Bluemix.