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Mouhanad for IBM Design Studio

22 Feb 2016

A few weeks ago, I came to know that IBM MEA is investing in IBM’s IX strategy through IBM Studios Dubai as Amr Refaat, the General Manager of IBM MEA, was presenting it to us in the GBM kick-off meeting. I was totally hooked and wanted to be part of this new organization as I know such a place is where I can be over productive and creative. Not to mention the impact I would have on people’s everyday lives, through better design.

I do believe I should be part of the IBM Design Studio team. So I needed to act, and reach out people. So I did. Luckily, I did pitch myself when contacting people I know at IBM, bringing to their attention that I am in the business already. I believe in the software - I sell it. In addition I do have experience with it, so I listed my IBM related design & development reasons.

Design experience within IBM products

I am always engaged in all activities related to digital design and digital experience within GBM. My UI & UX skills were employed utilizing IBM products including WebSphere Portal (http://gbmme.com), SmartCloud Control Desk, and others.

Technical IBM Software Experience

I have cross-brand IBM software experience. Currently occupying the role of “SW Presales for SMB”. I am no new to the business. I know the capabilities and uses of the products. So if IBM Studios is working on a custom app in which they shall use APIs of a SaaS product, I can contribute on how to build a more engaging/efficient user experience as I know what each product does.

Bluemix is my PaaS of choice

On the personal level, I like to build and design new apps. I attended multiple hackathons, and each time I pushed my teams to use Bluemix, because I believed in it. Constantly I keep exploring new services, build an app to demo them. Last January I even paid a little more than $500 just to explore (my free Bluemix 30 days expired long ago). I am personally invested the platform. Although sometimes I spend the full weekend just playing around Bluemix, I am just happy with this hobby of mine.

Yet, why I should be part of the IBM Design Studio is now just about IBM experience. It has a lot to do with creative design and enhanced user experience.

Well, this is the purpose of the website. Actually this is why I have made this website available overnight. I was asked by IBM to provide a portfolio. I panicked. I haven’t within the last 3 years collected what I have done.

To read about this website and what I used to create it, just head to the About page. For the portfolio, please you can go to the Work page.

“Good design is good business.”
Thomas J. Watson Jr.

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